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The whole factory covers an area of 40,000 square meters (exclude stereoscopic warehouse). All the raw materials are transported within one facility to

reduce the secondary pollution.

In order to be a paperless office, our order process will be operated by OA+ERP system.

Liquid making workshop and liquid filling workshop are all GMP workshop.

Within 8 hours we can produce 40 tons liquid(taking 30ml tube as example, 40 tons liquid need 1.3million 30ml tubes).

All the boilers will use CIP cleaning method and all the water will be  grade II water. 


There will be 6 Semi-automatic lines and 8 full-automatic lines. We can fill 500000-600000 tubes or bottles

within 8 hours.

Tube workshop will have 6 printing lines and we have one 8 color printing machine.

Two automatic head injecting machine( most advanced in China ) labeling and full-automatic gold stamping machine, full-automatic UV printing machine, sealing machine for shrink film. The diameter of mould will be from 19cm to 50cm.

Bottle workshop can produce PE and two layers PE bottle. With labeling and multi-color UV printing machine.

There will be 50 injection machines, daily output will be 800000pcs to 120000pcs.

There will be 5 soap process lines including one cold processing line. Within 8 hours, we can produce 20 tons soaps( about 1 million 20g soap)
We have our own mould workshop to open soap, bottle or injection items mould.Each month we can finish 
20-25 sets new moulds.