Current location:
Development history
Current location:
Development history

Development history

  • 2022
    Establish brand partnerships with Unilever and Kent
  • 2021
    Establish Shanghai R&D Center A new R&D center to create more ideas and options to our product
  • 2020
    More cooperation with hotel groups Signed a contract with Jinling group and Western Airport Hotel Group
  • 2019
    Sign a contract with banyan tree group Become a supplier of Banyan Tree group. Signed contract with B-DUCK, creating our products with popular IP New factory officially running.
  • 2018
    New Factory under construction New factory under construction,Became the exclusive agent of guest supply in Greater China,won the "top 100 excellent merchants in East China", held the first annual reu
  • 2017
    Reach Billions Annual Turn over reaches 100 million. Start to donate to UNCEIF.
  • 2016
    Alibaba international station industry data topped the first Top 1 supplier on Alibaba international platform In 2016, iHotel is the best supplier on alibaba in our region. Also we start iHotel Found
  • 2015
    Signing cooperation with Shuxiang group Signed a contract with Shuxiang group. Fist Step to work with hotel group directly.
  • 2014
    New Location,New beginning The company moved to the design Valley, set the foundation for the new iHotel pattern,Becoming the supplier of Royal Caribbean cruise global chain, the supplier of novozyme
  • 2013
    Annual Turn over 50 million Annual Turn over more than 50 million
  • 2012
    Surge in online transactions Online transactions surged, and the team reached the top of Huangshan Mountain


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